A poetic exchange…

A poetic exchange that once happened between James and Marie Shramko


Away from home

A lucky chance

To see my real home

A spacious one

An anxious one

Both think that they belong

Where nothing lasts

And somethings pass

And emptiness is form


To travel away from home

I ride on thoughts

Which hide the truth

That I am always home

The thoughts that lead me astray

Are themselves the furnishings of home

May I see free of belief

And rest at home in

The home I cannot own


Something happens

For a while

Flames are flaming

For a while

Inner prison isn’t real

Why should I care?


Something happens

But to whom?

Flames are rising

Who is on fire?

Prisons of identity

Composed of beliefs….

Thoughts cannot free me

From thoughts


It happens to an area in space

That I am conscious of

And then it goes away

Identity is little bits

Of moments revealed to me

Compared to someone else

I ride on thoughts in a ghost house

They aren’t sun rays in the sky

As clouds are not the sun

Are they?


Riding on thoughts in this ghost house

I walk on clouds and shadows

Only my own weightlessness permits this

Only my lack of inherent existence

No one walks on no thing – how free!

And yet I carry the burden of being me


While I’m busy being me

Forms and shapes are giving colours

Persecutors lose their chances

To let go and to be free

While I’m busy being me

All I am has come from somewhere

I can’t even be a weirdo

Just because I don’t know how

While I’m busy being me

There’s no lock and no gatekeeper

When the castle is on clouds

Clouds are somewhere in the sky


Each day thoughts and feelings come to play

Like them or loathe them they don’t stay

By resting in silence they go on their way

Freedom is here come what may


On the path to relaxation

You don’t need to be the strongest

You don’t need to have opinions

You just need to simply be

In the manner of a dream

We are drawn hither and thither

But the storm will come to silence

Just as it has always been


Playing with language

Refreshes the mind

As the burden of meaning

Can be most unkind

Patterns without referent

Offer nowhere to stand

Yet patterns are just music

So make friends with the band


The band is



April 2024