This section of the website is offered as a space in which members of our loose-textured comity can share some of the Expressions which have arisen for them in response to their study and practice of dharma.

If you would like to offer something please reflect on how it has emerged from your dharma study and practice. Of course these expressions will have some relation to your egoic concerns. I would suggest that the key to making the work useful to yourself and others is to examine the factors that were operating for you during the formation of each Expression and write a few sentences making this explicit.

Our mental and emotional habits permeate so much of our sense of self.  Without judging what has arisen for you, try to use it to get a sense of ‘what you’re up to’ and express this. This can help the reader or listener or viewer also become more aware of how their habit formations bring a bias to their experience of what they encounter.

Spontaneity and reflection need not be in opposition. What is offered for inclusion in Expressions is offered for the benefit of others. Some of this can be raw while other Expressions may have had a bit of cooking beforehand.