Merrily, merrily…

Asleep we are

As if in a dream

Where all is not

Quite as it may seem

For what we take

To be the outside

Be mind’s projection

Wherein we try hide

A dream at night

Whilst laying in bed

Is nothing but

(Within one’s own head) or

(One’s own metal thread)

For all the visions

That we may behold

Appear and exist

From mind’s stronghold

The people we meet

The things that we do

The places we are

The me and the you

Happy or sad

They may overwhelm

Yet all just exist

Within a dream realm

All that appears

Arise from inside

The ebb and the flow

Of one’s mental tide

Neither real nor unreal

Dreams they do seem

Still we get lost

Caught up in their theme

And so it is here

This now daydream

Wherein we may laugh

And cry, or scream

Swinny Paul