Empty Curse of Heavens

There are so many things in this realm
That it is no wonder they form patterns
It’s tempting to try and organize chaos
Here comes the emperor
In his glory of slaying the serpent
Yet bleeding from beneath the golden gown

There are so many levels of intensity
That it is no wonder they form ladders
It’s tempting to try and actualize hierarchy
Here is the intelligent queen
Giving everything names and dignities
Yet forgetting her own true face
There are so many conclusions to come to
That it’s no wonder they form logic

It’s tempting to try and tell the world what it is
Here is the noble celestial son
Coming to rule the recognizable land
Yet not seeing that it is built from mere ash
Somewhere in the realm of naught
There is someone sitting and emanating light

Go and look for what shines even when it’s dark
Break the spell of heritage
Rest easy within fires pitted against each other
See the towers collapse into clarity
Kill without destroying anything

The demon-god of ego dies kicking and screaming
Biting and tearing to pieces
If I can’t have it, then no one can;
I am what brings everything to life!”
See its head served on a platter of stars
And know for sure that it is a lie
Time without beginning saw many rulers
Yet no rule can bind space and time

[With my heart moved by the teachings on six Bardos, I, Rangrig the translator, the heir of lies and fairytales, wrote this in one sitting.]

After this weekend’s teachings I felt an urge to put some observations into verse. It utilizes a more Western imagery, but I hope it appears as grounded in the Dharma understanding.
I dedicate this poem to you, James Low, and your activity. If you think someone might find some value in it, please feel free to share it. If not, may its ringing quickly fade into silence.

Bartek Czajkowski June 2022